Everything You Need To Know About Deep Tissue Massage Singapore

If you’re interested in a Deep Tissue Massage in Singapore, the key difference between deep tissue massage and other types of massage is that it focuses on targeting deeper layers of muscle.

Chronic aches in areas such as the upper back, stiff neck, leg muscle tightness, sore shoulders and low back pain are soothed by deep tissue massage. Traditional massage and deep tissue massage are similar. They focused on the muscles. The pressure is slower than other massage techniques.


 Want to know more about deep tissue massage? Here is everything you need to know about deep tissue massage in Singapore:

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a specific type of massage that works on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. Deep tissue work creates physiological changes in the tissue that then create systemic changes. By allowing layers to move independently and slide or glide upon each other, we can improve big-picture posture, lengthen the spine, and improve the quality of the soft tissue.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is used for therapy and rehabilitation. The benefits of this type of treatment are lower blood pressure, back pain relief, increase joint mobility, release of toxins from the body, and stress relief. It can help speed up healing by promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Besides that, a massage also has many other beneficial effects, such as:

  • It helps you relieve stress
  • Reduces pain
  • Helps you lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Deep tissue massage benefits weight loss

What are deep tissue massage benefits for athletes?

Spa packages can also include beauty services, like facials, skin care products, and nail treatments. Benefits of this massage include relaxation, improved circulation, and enhanced lymphatic drainage. A deep tissue massage can have a lot of benefits for athletes.

Increases athlete’s flexibility and movement

Flexibility is essential for any physical activity, especially those that require speed, such as tennis, swimming, weight-lifting, and other sports. Regular massages can help improve your range of motion because they help break down tightness around the muscles.

Improves your sleep to prepare for the next tournament

An excellent deep tissue massage will reduce muscle tension, induce relaxation, and allow athletes to get better quality sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is incredibly important because it will allow you to recover faster from injuries.

Better blood circulation for athletes

Good blood circulation is a must for athletes. Increased blood flow can help muscles rid themselves of toxins. If you want to increase the flexibility of your muscles, you can use deep breathing exercises or work in a heated chamber. Cold showers increase blood flow and are good for you. Improved blood flow can enable a calmer state of mind. You can get these from a deep tissue massage.

How often deep tissue massage should be done?

If you have a chronic muscle issue, a deep tissue massage is an ideal choice. You should start with weekly sessions to see results. Book appointments every two weeks when you dial back down.

What to do after a deep tissue massage?

A few post-massage things you can do to get the most long term benefits of it include:

  • When you’re having a deep tissue massage, drink plenty of water. This will help you to hydrate, aiding the increased blood flow and flushing out the toxins. Alcohol or coffee shouldn’t be allowed
  • It’s common to feel hungry after a massage. You can have a salad with fruit or vegetables.
  • Take a bath if you are feeling tender.
  • Either take a nap or relax and enjoy your drink with some soothing music playing in the background You can rest assured that the muscles will be treated properly.

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