Get your body needs treated at our Kelly Oriental treatment centre.
Classic Massage
Chinese Traditional Tuina

60 mins / 90 mins

Improves mobility and circulatory health by correcting the flow of Qi in the body. Restore harmony and balance through this powerful healing technique and enjoy complete physical relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins / 90 mins

Melt away stress and relax more easily as polished heated stones are incorporated into your massage session to soften the muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins / 90 mins

A medium to strong deep pressure massage which minimises recovery time for stressed and tense muscles. The intensive strokes work to loosen and relax the muscles.

Gentle Touch

60 mins / 90 mins

Be pampered by this soft to medium massage where soothing, long strokes and thumb pressure are applied in tandem to relax the body. Ideal for guests who prefer a lighter massage pressure or expectant mothers, children and the elderly.

Head Relaxing

30 mins / 60 mins

Uses long strokes and pressure point techniques, focusing on the large muscle groups and sensitive nerve plexus on the back to ease tension.

Back Reviver

30 mins / 60 mins

Uses long strokes and pressure point techniques, focusing on the large muscle groups and sensitive nerve plexus on the back to ease tension.

Shoulders Reliever

30 mins / 60 mins

Release tension and ease the muscles in your head and shoulders, alleviating headaches, migraines and anxiety.

Hand Relax

30 mins / 60 mins

Take good care of your arms, hands and fingers by reducing stress and tension. This massage prevents locked fingers and increases mobility.

TCM Treatment

Safe, painless & effective cupping session that removes stagnant energy and blood from your body

Detox Gua Sha

Helps to relieve tension and tightness, release blockage in the meridians, promote blood circulation and dispel toxins from the body, thereby preventing and treating various illnesses

Duo Moxibustion Herbal Therapy

60 mins

Stimulates Qi to improve blood circulation & alleviate pains and aches ∙ Expels dampness & warms the body ∙ Improves overall energy with our odourless & smokeless treatment

Multi Stones Abdominal Massage

40 mins

Synchronises & mimics 4-hand massaging techniques with hot stones & trace minerals to improve circulation via targeted acupoint pressures ∙ Relieves abdominal pains ∙ Supports digestive health to promote toxin elimination

Moxibustion Fumigation Treatment

45 mins

By using traditional Chinese method with herbs that helps with relaxing neck and shoulder tension, relieving discomfort of gastric and body aching. Treatment will put you into relaxation and adjust the blood circulation.

Tibet’s Ear Therapy

60 mins

Tibet’s Ear Therapy uses unique medicinal oil extracted from Tibet’s is one of the precious Chinese herbals in combination with our advanced equipment and technology. This treatment helps to improve on activating Qi and blood, solving problem like insomnia, tinnitus, dizziness and brain swelling.

Herbal Mud Moxibustion

30 mins

Mud moxibustion is a health preservation method based on the meridian theory. It can achieve the effect of eliminating evil, removing dampness, exhausting toxins, preventing and treating diseases and enhancing immunity.

Ancient Detox Cupping

30 mins

One of the China Intangible Cultural Heritage treatment, through ancient technique to detox and improve blood circulation.

TCM Wellness Massage
Neck and shoulder

60 mins

Eliminate tension and spasms from the muscles, improve circulation as well as encouraging relaxation.

Buttock Care

60 mins

Helps to alleviate sciatic problems such as lower back and buttock pain, numbness in the legs and feet, as well as constipation and bladder-related issues. It even provides a lifting effect on the buttocks.

Bust Care

45 mins

To achieve firmer breasts, relieves muscle tension & improve lymphatic drainage to reduce lobules congestions.

Ovary Care

45 mins

Specially formulated massage that improves ovarian function and blood circulation to the cervix and uterus, thereby soothing menstrual cramps, and reducing bloating and water retention.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

90 mins

Effectively stimulates the lymphatic system, encouraging the elimination of toxins, reduces swelling and increases blood circulation.

Meridian Tendon Roll Massage

90 mins

Roll away tension and activating collaterals, improve the deficiency of Qi and blood

Meridian Detox Massage

90 mins

Helps to regulate the flow of energy and blood, increase blood circulation, clear blockages and relieves body pain and stress.

Slimming & Shaping

Treatment for slimming and shaping, choose from the following:

Neck & Shoulders


Waist & Hips







Soothing Essence

Helps skeletal problems, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and dispel cold, relieve pressure, replenish bones and promote marrow, impeove bone age.

Thermal Bath Therapy

Promoting Qi, activating blood circulation & Dehumidification.

Balancing Cream

Ideal for loose skin, sagging & V face.