4 Things on What You Can Do In Holland Village With Kelly Oriental

If you’re wondering what to do in Holland Village with a lot of its Holland Village history? where to find a good facial in Holland Village,  we have just the right answer for you, Kelly Oriental. It has a wide range of facials and partners with various renowned skin-care brands using the latest technology in beauty treatments. Every treatment focuses on a great experience that visibly enhances your skin. 

At Kelly Oriental, we offer a variety of treatments and services that will help you achieve the best results possible. Among these are:

  • Deep cleansing Exfoliation
  • Different Types of Facial massage using the latest technology
  • Spa
  • Different Types of Massages
  • Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Treatments

Our treatments are performed by trained professionals who use only the best quality products to ensure that you get the best results possible. At Kelly Oriental, we offer more than just beauty treatments.

When do you need to book beauty treatments at Kelly Oriental in Holland Village?

Even though you already have a skincare routine at home, a professional facial gives you the benefits of a professional facial. Your skin is becoming super dry because of age, hormones, and sun damage. You’ll be amazed when you learn that a good facial helps to make your skin look better by hydrating it to the max.

A good facial will make your skin feel hydrated, look brighter, and more supple. A facial massage will help your body relax after a long day of work. It’s a good way to take care of yourself after a busy day. If you feel like your mind, skin, and body are in need of good take care, you should come to Kelly Oriental at Holland Village and get the best treatment from our professionals. 

Do you have specific beauty treatments in mind?

If you love facials that are customized, use the latest technology in the beauty industry, and use high-quality herbal ingredients, Kelly Oriental is where you should head to. 

You’ll enjoy relaxing in this peaceful environment at the Kelly Oriental Spa and Massage with the services that you have come to expect from them. Our spa will help you relieve the tension both in your skin and your mind. Everyone has a lot of tension these days, so it’s good to take a bit of time out and relax. Pampering can help make you feel really relaxed.

When you have certain skin conditions, our dermatologists and professional therapists will guide you to get the best treatment that will fit your needs. 

What to do if you have sensitive skin?

The doctors at Kelly Oriental have many years of experience in providing quality services to patients. We are the best dermatology clinic in Holland Village Singapore with a team of experienced doctors. Our medical experts provide a wide range of dermatological services including aesthetic, laser, cosmetic dermatology, and cosmetic surgery procedures.

After having a good facial treatment, you can get a relaxing massage at our spa place. We use high-quality herbal ingredients that are formulated based on ancient Chinese medicine that has been proven to be very effective in its effects. Our professional and experienced therapist will help you relax and lift up the tension in your body and mind. You can get all these one-stop treatments at Kelly Oriental in Holland Village.

How will you feel after beauty treatments at Kelly Oriental Holland Village?

There’s no doubt that your skin will be super hydrated, soft, and plumped up. In the days following, it looked much fresher and more radiant after your visit to Kelly Oriental in Holland Village. 

Visit one of the best beauty clinics at Holland Village: Kelly Oriental

A comfortable space for relaxation should have comfortable furniture, a pleasant aroma, and a relaxing ambiance. In Kelly Oriental’s, you’ll get more than you’re a bargain for:

  • Kelly’s luxury design focuses on giving the customer’s the comfort, cozy, and relaxed ambiance that they need during treatment.
  • Kelly’s high-tech treatment modalities prove to elevate the experience for guests, enhance your well-being and improve your service satisfaction
  • Natural high quality ingredients for the treatment

Be amazed at our best beauty treatment and our luxury interior at Holland Village. Get yourself an appointment with us!




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