What Does Hot Stone Massage Do To Your Body

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient practice that uses heated natural basalt stones to create soothing pressure for people. These rocks are good at retaining heat, which makes them great for keeping your skin warm and cozy, especially when it’s cold out.

Swedish Massage is a good relaxation tool that’s also effective for back pain, depression, anxiety, and other ailments. On the other hand, hot Stone Massage is the ideal relaxation tool as it works on multiple levels. It promotes deep relaxation, relieves muscle tension, reduces inflammation, it helps reduce stress, and it increases circulation.

Sounds like there are a lot of benefits from a hot stone massage, right? Here is everything you need to know about a hot stone massage.

What is hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage involves using stones. A hot stone massage uses heated river stones. They are smooth and retain heat very well.

Before massaging the stones for the first time, your therapist will warm them up. The stones will be heated to around 50C using a special heating pad. Swedish massage, skin healing, and facials are included in the treatments. They will never use a microwave or other method of heating the stones because they want to be able to get the stones at the correct temperature.

The individual therapist uses different hot stone massage techniques. The stones are placed on the body in certain places. They may be guided by the energy points that help balance and flow. A good massage therapist is more than just massage. She will use the stones for Swedish massage techniques, such as kneading, long smooth strokes, and rolling.

Hot stone massage procedures, What are they consist of?

Kelly Oriental therapist will place the stones in warm water and heat them to a temperature between 120 and 130 degrees.

A traditional Swedish massage is needed to prepare your muscles for the Hot Stone massage. If your therapist puts hot stones on the key points, you can apply pressure on them to get more effective treatment. The weight and heat of the stones relax the muscles and allow for a deeper massage. A stone massage is a great way to relax the muscles of your neck, back, arms and legs.

Let enough time go by to enjoy it! Once you’ve completed the pre-treatment health questionnaire, you’ll be taken to the massage room, where our therapists will practice the massage. Don’t drink a heavy meal or take in alcohol before your skin care treatments.

What to wear to a hot stone massage?

It’s essential to have the right clothes for a massage appointment. It doesn’t matter what you wear if it doesn’t restrict your movement or make you uncomfortable. If your dress makes you uncomfortable, wearing it’s probably not a good idea. You have to do a physical assessment first. Whether it’s stress, physical pain, or mental anguish, you deserve to be comfortable. 

What’s the difference between a hot and cold stone massage?

While Thermotherapy, called Hot Stone, is used to draw blood and help it flow to the skin’s surface so that it can be eliminated from the body.

Cold Stone Massage is called Cryotherapy, and it contracts blood vessels and stimulates the nervous system. It also helps to pull excess heat out of inflamed areas easing muscular injury and reinvigorating the body.

Is hot stone massage worth it? What are the benefits?

The benefits of hot stone massage vary. We have the top 7 of hot stone massage benefits.

It’s comforting and relaxing

You’ll feel the warmth of the hot stones when you use them and appreciate their restorative benefits. They can restore your energy and health and relax your body and mind. 

The heat aids depth

Hot stones penetrate your body with heat to give you a deeper massage than any other massage technique, and many of the same benefits of deep tissue massage, such as easing tension. Deep tissue massages help with circulation and overall health. 

Relief from tension and pain

One of the best natural pain relievers is heat. If tension is causing pain, heat is useful. This is because when heat is applied to an area, the blood flow to that area increases. If your back is sore and stiff, massage your neck and shoulders, which may help reduce your pain.

Relief from stress and anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety or have too much stress in your life, you should consider a hot stone massage. It’s amazing to see how a massage can so positively affect your body and mind. Endorphins and other feel-good hormones are released to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Aids sleep

The best part of having a hot stone massage at home is that it will help relax your muscles, ease your mind, and help you fall into a deep and restful sleep. Indeed, one study has shown that massage therapy is beneficial for easing insomnia in postmenopausal women. A lot of people need to do more research on the benefits of hot stone massage and sleep. There is certainly evidence that hot stone massage promotes sound sleep.

Immune boosting

Many of the techniques used in a Swedish massage are also used in hot stone massage. Massage therapy is remarkable in how it impacts the human body. It’s also easy to do. To boost your immunity, you can just be pampered and massaged.

Managing chronic pain

It has been shown that massage can bring positive effects to people with chronic pain. The lower levels of substance P are how the body partially transmits pain signals. Research has shown that people with Rheumatoid Arthritis have less pain.

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