4 Facts About TCM Slimming Massage You Need To Know

There are underlying health problems in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Obesity is one of them. It could mean that you aren’t burning calories or absorbing vitamins. Excess humidity and weight gain are caused by the body becoming damper as we age. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, dampness builds up in the body when food is not properly absorbed, utilized, and eaten. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you consume too many cold drinks and sweet and oily foods, your body will not receive what it needs.

These foods are very heavy to digest and will overload the stomach and spleen. Fat accumulates when the pancreas fails to make enough insulin and slows down. When the pancreas is damaged by chronic inflammation, it can lead to dampness. One of the keys to weight loss in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the elimination of “dampness” from the body.

TCM body slimming massage

A slimming massage Singapore stimulates circulation and aids in fat metabolism, making it a safe and effective way to lose weight. If you are looking for ways to slim down your body, why not try a TCM body slimming massage? It can help to remove toxins, toxins and increase the lymphatic system in your body.

The liver is a primary fat-burning organ. Having a healthy liver makes it possible for your body to remove harmful substances from the system, reducing the need for unnecessary storage. Our lymph system is also part of the immune system. It helps to get rid of excess water, cellular waste, bacteria and toxins.

Slimming massage benefits

Fat reduction is a key element in slimming down your body. It increases blood flow, promotes your metabolism, and helps eliminate toxins. This exercise improves your fitness, muscle tone, and overall physical condition. It will help you lose weight, as well. It’s important to combine various treatments (such as massages and exercise) during a weight loss session to lose weight faster and better.

To stimulate fat burning, you massage the abdomen and associated acupoints. Slimming massage is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method for removing excess weight and reducing fat. By stimulating the skin’s nerve endings with slow rhythmic movements, it helps stimulate the production of endorphins and enzymes, relax muscle tension, and improve circulation.

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine help lose weight?

The answer is yes, that’s right! TCM slimming Singapore has been used to manage weight naturally and holistically for thousands of years. 

You can also try acupuncture slimming

Weight loss acupuncture is an effective treatment for weight loss. People have been using it as a weight-loss treatment for decades. It can stimulate the body’s energy flow to impact factors that can reverse obesity, such as:

  • Increasing metabolism
  • Reduced appetite suppression and hunger suppression.

  • Lowering the stress.

  • It affects the part of the brain that feels hunger.

  • The blood circulation is improved.

  • Regulate the hormones.

  • Regulate the problem of stomach issues.

  • It is necessary to balance the natural state of health.

  • High blood pressure and cholesterol are related to the improvement of weight.

  • Maintenance of weight in a long run with a low chance of a rebound.

  • No side effects

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