TCM Treatment

Get your body needs treated at our Kelly Oriental treatment centre.
TCM Bone Adjustment

TCM bone adjustment

Performed by hand, bone adjustments are non-invasive, safe, and painless. It works rapidly to alleviate pain, aid recovery, and optimize your body’s vital functions.

pain relief treatment

Pain Relief Treatment

Helps relieve aching muscles and joints caused by sprains and stiffness when exercising.

Zheng Yang Moxibustion

ZHeng Yang Moxibustion

A transfer from the moxa points to the cause of pain points in achieving deep penetration so as to fix the underlying root causes of various pain and discomforts.

TCM herbal bath

TCM Herbal Bath

With our specially handpicked TCM herbs, this herbal therapy helps to remove dampness from the body and improve healthy circulation to eliminate accumulated toxins, strengthen immunity, improve mental alertness and support womb care.
Ideal for persons with poor immunity, especially those with cold hands & feet.

Chinese Tradtional Tuina

Improve mobility and circulatory health by correcting the flow of Qi in the body. Restore harmony & balance through this powerful healing technique and enjoy complete physical relaxation.

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage is about more than just helping children deal with the symptoms of the conditions they are suffering.


Acupuncture is an traditional Chinese medical treatment method in which fine needles are placed on specific parts of the body, stimulate the central nervous system.


Detox Gua Sha & Cupping

Helps to relieve tension and tightness, release blockage in the meridians, promote blood circulation and dispel toxins from the body, thereby preventing and treating various illnesses. Safe, painless & effective cupping session that removes stagnant energy and blood from your body.

Very clean , great ambiance and wonderful massage

darine hammoud / Google Review

My wife organised a treatment for me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I ended up being very impressed and would
Definitely recommend.

Steven Seymour / Google Review

Very kind and friendly staff 😀
Enjoy the chiropractic service here

Zhu Wen Quek / Google Review

Awesome spa for the best TCM and massage in Holland village and maybe Singapore

The amount of art displayed there is also so cool, love the design sense of the boss

Service is excellent as well!

Damien Wong / Google Review

Weekly massages that I look forward to by a super strong and attentive masseuse. She attacks my knots with gusto and melts away the weekly stress and tension. The place is super clean and the ambience is lovely. Highly recommended

Bik Khuu / Google Review

I had my first chiropractic adjustment at Kelly Oriental yesterday. It was a pleasant experience. Staff are friendly. Chiropractor Da Long (not sure if I spell his name right) is very experienced! He fixed my neck, shoulder and lower back stiffness. Definitely will visit again.

Choon Wei Ng / Google Review