Rös’s Binary Premium

Get your body needs treated at our Kelly Oriental treatment centre.
ROSS Treatment
Electrical Binary Premium

60 mins / 90 mins

Multi Functional Technology Treatment that targets tissue regeneration, muscle remodelling in a non-invasive method. This treatment is suitable for Body, Face Beauty and Physiotherapy applications.


60 mins / 90 mins

Capacitive resistance diathermy uses a specific frequency of 448khz to generate endogenous heat to the human body and to detect balance, repair and allows the regeneration of new cells.

Heat Input Treatment

30 mins / 60 mins

448khz specific frequency transmits energy to human body through fever bracelet to generate endogenous heat, effectively restore human function and fully activate the immune system of our human body. 

Slimming & Shaping

Treatment for slimming and shaping, choose from the following:

Neck & Shoulders


Waist & Hips







Soothing Essence

Helps skeletal problems, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and dispel cold, relieve pressure, replenish bones and promote marrow, impeove bone age.

Thermal Bath Therapy

Promoting Qi, activating blood circulation & Dehumidification.

Balancing Cream

Ideal for loose skin, sagging & V face.

Xiao Qian Qian

Resolve various nodules and stearin.

Gun Gun Shu

To relieve pain.