Posture Correction

Poor Posture affects our overall appearance and day-to day activities.


Posture correction

Posture correction refers to the process of fix posture and aligning one’s body position.

Common postural problems include slouching, forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and an arched lower back.

Through posture correction exercises, one can improve their posture to achieve a more balanced and neutral alignment of the spine and other body parts.


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Example of Bad Posture include:
A Loss of Height | Rounded Shoulders
Slouched Back | Dowager’s Hump | Unbalanced Shoulders

In severe cases, it can leads to:

frequent back and neck pain, stiff shoulders, insufficient rest & sleep due to the condition.

Starts with releasing muscle knots and blockage, followed by reaching to the root cause of your pain points.
The therapist will work on your joints by exercising your ligaments movements. E.g. Neck > Arms > Waist > Pelvic > lower Leg
The final touch then focus on regrouping and reconstructing your entire back-bone settings.

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