How To Do A Hot Stone Foot Massage: A DIY Guide

A hot stone foot massage helps to relax tense muscles. It can be used to relax the body and relieve stress. It’s a good idea to get a therapeutic massage to relax, relieve muscle tension, and promote healing. Hot stone massage therapy is being offered by many massage therapists who have recently begun offering their services in spas and therapeutic centres. It’s an old technique, and you’d be surprised to know that.

 If you want to do your own hot stone foot massage, here is the DIY guide:

Collect your materials

You must buy or find stones. basalt rocks are used in this treatment. Basalt is good at holding heat. The stones should not have rough surfaces. The best place to buy hot stones is at the local shop. You can get hot stone massage kits. If you want to buy diamonds from a rock quarry, you should be able to choose the right one.

You should have somewhere between 20 and 30 stones. There should be at least two large ovals, seven small stones, and 8 small stones between the size of an egg or a quarter in your hand.

Find a comfortable area

You can make yourself more comfortable by having a massage table, bed or floor. A clean sheet or thick towel should be used for the person the masseuse is massaging. The massage ball can help relax a client. This helps to alleviate the effects of exercising.

Heat the stones

You should prepare your stones around 30 minutes before your massage. The water should not be more than 130 F. As you use it, the stones will cool down. It’s important to know that a 104 F (40 C) stone can still burn someone if left lying on bare skin for a few minutes.

Start performing the massage

You shouldn’t have a participant lay down on hot stones as serious burns can occur.

Place the stone on the face

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Place stones on the participant’s face. Take four smaller stones and put them on their face. They need to have at least one stone on their forehead, lip, and cheek. Oil cannot be put on the stones. They don’t need it, and may irritate their skin. Put the stones in cold water to warm them. It decreases the appearance of the eyes.

Medium to large stones can be placed along the breastbone, collarbones and in the hands

The size of stones depends on the height and width of the person. You should put at least one stone on either side of their collarbone, two large ones along the breastbone and two palm-sized stones in their hands. They don’t need to clasp them, but they should gently cup them.

Turn over

When you’re done massaging the back, have the participant roll onto their stomach so they can lie down comfortably and relax. You might want to place a rolled-up towel under their ankles to make it easier for them.

Place stones on the shoulder blades, knees, and toes of the participant

Don’t worry about which size stones work best. Just pick the ones that feel good as you use them. Toes need to warm up before and after each workout. This includes a small rock wrapped in a towel placed between each toe.

Rub some oil on the skin after you uncover the area you intend to massage. You can use the oiled stones to massage the person. Re-cover the area, replace any stones, and move to the next area.

What is the benefit of hot stone foot massage?

A hot stone massage benefits helps increase circulation, which speeds up the healing process. While the warm stones generate warmth in the body, they enhance mental tranquillity. Doing a hot stone massage while pregnant is also great to help you with foot swelling.

There are many benefits to using a hot stone in massage therapy. Massaging the patient’s neck using a stone gives the therapist more control than just by hand. This program allows her to pinpoint the exact locations where she needs additional work to make them perfect, as there are great benefits compared to the disadvantages of hot stone foot massage.

A hot stone massage, with or without prana and chakras, offers something extra that is not available with other massage methods. When you’re stressed out, the warm energy from the heated stones gives you a sense of deep relaxation, a relaxed feeling, and a deep sense of warmth. After reading this, you’ll want to try the hot stone massage and find out just how soothing it can be.

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